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DrakE Web 0.1 Develeped by NikeR 30.04.2010
This Is DrakE Web 0.1 Wich Is Develeped By NikeR!
Here are some of the website features:
-Fully secured from hackers!
-Optimazed and fast modules!
-Easy to configurate.
-Fully working and easy to use register Module.
-Fully working Login Panel.
-Fully working Character and Account functions.
-Fully working Rankings.
-Fully workings server information and statistics.
Top 5 Characters:
  Total Accounts: 0
  Total Characters: 0
  Total Guilds: 0
  Banned Characters: 0
  Banned Accounts: 0
  Online Users: 0
  PVP Server: Offline
  NONPVP Server: Offline
  Siege Server: Offline
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